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Alice practicing sit to stand mechanics

Do you find yourself having trouble getting up from a low soft couch or are you a little unsteady while walking on grass? Maybe you're unable to walk around the mall or the golf course like you used to. Perhaps everyday activities such as lifting the groceries or picking up objects from the floor have become more challenging. Physical changes that occur over your lifetime can negatively impact your ability to move around with ease. Things you were able to do without a second thought have become a challenge . At Bodyscape we can help .

Initially we educate you about your body and how to manage changes by analyzing how you move. Together we will identify movements that have become challenging and establish both short and long term goals to resolve problems that have evolved. We then teach you more effective and easy ways to do your activities pain free . We create a safe supervised environment and simulate daily activities that you may be having trouble with, so that you can easily learn improved ways to move about. Whether it is your golf swing that needs a little help or simply getting up from the couch, we can help you .

During each session we will integrate manual therapy techniques and aggressive exercises to accomplish your goals . We will incorporate our Gyrotonic Expansion System® and Pilates equipment when appropriate to further challenge and progress your program. In addition, you will be given a customized progressive home exercise program to maintain the gains you have made.

What bodyscape can do for you

  • Improve your golf swing and ability to walk around the course with ease
  • Garden without the fear of falling or pain
  • Walk on the beach with your grandchildren
  • Play tennis
  • Get in and out of your car with ease
  • Get up from a soft couch without struggling
  • Go up and down stairs without pain
  • Play catch with your grand kids
  • Dance Again like your wedding day!
  • Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better !
Don, pelvic press back, reformer

Howard, straight arm press back, reformer


It's never too late to make a new beginning. Let Bodyscape

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