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Sheetal Gandhi

Sheetal Gandhi is a passionate and dedicated pilates instructor, choreographer and movement specialist. She received her training through the Physical Mind-Pilates Method from the Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek and has been teaching since 2001.  She also holds a B.A. in Dance and Psychology from UC Irvine and an M.F.A. in Dance from UCLA.  Like many, Sheetal came to Pilates through an injury that threatened to derail a professional dance career. By rehabilitating herself, she gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and compassion for the complex workings of the human body, and went on to perform in Cirque du Soleil, on Broadway and in her own choreographic work.  

Sheetal challenges her clients through discipline, form and the integration of mind and body. She addresses the “whole person” – taking into consideration each individual client’s unique goals and life-demands – to maximize their full potential. As a Pilates instructor, Sheetal has worked in several different environments ranging from high-end sports clubs, such as the Sports Club LA (in San Francisco, Beverly Hills and New York), to intimate studios and physical therapy clinics. She has trained professional athletes and dancers, clients with injuries and special needs, pregnant and postpartum clients, and so many others looking to strengthen, mobilize, heal, transform and educate their bodies.  

Sheetal continues to expand her education of the body through alternate somatic practices such as Feldenkreis, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, The Melt Method, and more.   Sheetal loves nature, travel, dancing, singing, and her new husband.  She brings a positive, hopeful, creative attitude to her life and work and looks forward to working with you!

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Sheetal Gandhi