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Structural Integration Practitioner

Lynn Cohen, LMTLynn Cohen, CSIP, LMT, MSWT, comes to Bodyscape with an eclectic background. She has worked professionally as a musician, psychotherapist and writer, all of which enhance her work as a massage therapist. After receiving her initial massage certification at the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing, she continued her study of various modalities of bodywork, including: Structural Deep Tissue Bodywork with Garnet Dupuis at the Massage School of Santa Monica; Structural Integration with Bruce Schonfeld--Advanced Certified Rolfer; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) at the Touch Therapy Institute; Cranial Sacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute; and Myoskeletal Alignment Technique with Eric Dalton--Advanced Certified Rolfer.

Lynn's most recent achievement is a certification in Structural Integration from the prestigious Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.

Lynn's philosophy as a massage therapist relies heavily on the belief in the "Body-mind"--how we move in our bodies reflects our attitudes towards ourselves and the world around us, and visa versa. Lynn approaches her work from the idea that painful muscular imbalances and tensions in the body begin as emotional responses to stressful situations. These responses, if not acknowledged at the body-mind level, can often become habitual patterns of movement which can eventually lead to symptoms and pain. She hopes, through her work, to bring awareness of this connection between body-emotion-mind to her clients, allowing for release of both the muscular tension and the attitudes/beliefs that perpetuate it. She is delighted to be on the staff at Bodyscape!

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